6 Sep 2011

Saravá by expressyourselve....

This set is structured with some classical and newer Bossa & Samba rhythms.

From The King by himself Elvis Presley with for example the song Bossa Nova, Baby over great jazz musicians like Coleman Hawkins with his album Desafinado or Donald Byrd, as well composer like Lalo Shifrin and great Henry Mancini where fascinate with this rhythms, and not to forget the soul divas like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan with them great songs and performances.

What is that, that people fascinate with Brazil and his music, if Bossa Nova or Samba, is it the rhythm that make you move straight by listening, is it the feeling of Carioca life style, is it the melody of the language.?

For me is the mélange of it, it’s like completely relaxing spirit rhythm, no thoughts no bad feelings just the rhythm and you.

I don’t wont to spend more words, there is no need.

Just enjoy it…

01. Coisa N°1 - Baden Powell
02. Cravo e Canela - MPB-4
03. Upa Neguinho - Edu Lobo
04. Agua de Beber - Quarteto EM CY Com Tamba Trio
05. Sambar de Mudar - Lennie Dale With The Sambalanco Trio
06. Berimbau - Vinicius De Moraes & Odette Lara
07. Maria Moita - Nara Lao
08. Reza -  Edu Lobo With The Tamba Trio
09. Amoralina - Quarteto Em Cy
10. Adriana - Roberto Menescal E Seu Conjunto
11. Samba de Uma Nota So - Sylvia Telles
12. Berimbau - OS Cincos-Pados
13. A Felicidade - Breno Sauer Quinteto
14. Chora Tua Tristeza - Geraldo Trio
15. Boss Tres Bien - Quartette Tres Bien
16. Mas Que Nada - Tamba Trio
17. Tim Dom Dom - Jorge Ben
18. Vou Te Contar - Toots Thielman & Elis Regina
19. O Meninho das Laranjas - Elis Regina
20. Os Grilos - Marcos Valle
21. Samblues - Samblanco Trio
22. Mas Que Nada - Elza Soares
23. O Pato - Lennie Dalle & O Sambalanco Trio
24. Nana - Zimbo Trio
25. Oba-La-La - Sergio Mendes
26. Mentira - Marcos Valle
27. Onde Nada O Meo Amor - Bossa Tres
28. Samb-o - Ely Arcoverde & Los Conjunto
29. So Danco Samba - Wanda de Sah

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