23 Aug 2011

Ederlezi by expressyourselve....

is tribute to a astonishing auto didactical musicians, that are simply each of them virtuous on his instrument.

I know two persons that are playing, one 15 the other over 20 years, trumpet in a city brass band, they say some parts what this guys are playing is quite impossible to play, only one in million are born with such gift.

Even Miles Davis said once, commenting the festival in Guča, that he didn't know that you can play a trumpet on this way.

In this set are three bands, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Kočani Orkestar and Dragačevske Trube a constellation of trumpets from Guča festival that was spoken last week. I must regret I was never there, you can find them in web under guca.rs and saborguca.com. 
One summer I will go to this festival, but I have to find a lost friend from childhood, my emigration to Germany and later the war was splitting us for now over 23 years, his family had to emigrate to Serbia because his father was officer at the army, and ortodox chatolic faith. We where living in same street, I was able to find him for a while, and then we lost contact after again, his family is from Serbia not faar away from Guča.

So to the artist, I saw both of band live, Fanfare Ciocărlia and Kočani Orkestar.
It was crazy, pržili smo svi J, we all where burning.

Kočani Orkestar I saw on the street, was quite coincidental I was too late to a appointment and I told to me to take a bike not the metro. Lucky me.

I was near centre of Hannover and heard our music, hm, went there and there were playing happy and smiling, it was nice sunny day, lot of people on the street, later I heard why, the concert was sold out so they decided to give a free one, so nice. 

So I sad to me sorry to appointment and I stay there and enjoying the concert, for next hour and some minutes. The people were happy and smiling, it was very unusual to see Nordic people so open and released.!

Fanfare Ciocărlia I saw one winter as a student, I was driving in winter with my motorcycle 35 km in cold cold weather, because I knew there will play later then , last train h.

They where playing in Pavillon in Hannover, so much people, warm fluid was running, and there were burning the place down, non-stop, for more then two and a half hour.

As ending quarter of hour they left the stage and went thru the people and took us with them playing along the entire complex in the next bar in the hall and so on, I know this from weddings but lot of people where quite confuse but free and released, you should see their faces…. 
Second opportunity was in Italy between Trieste and Udine at the Adriatic-See, but my ex-girlfriend didn't wont to go there, for more details please see Lovers-Rock post. 

Fanfare Ciocărlia: “We used to play at weddings in Zece Prăjini and all over Moldova, we’ve played in Germany and France and Belgium. Next year we’re going to play in  America and Bulgaria and in a couple of years we’ll be playing on Mars - just you wait.”

Fanfare Ciocărlia is a popular twelve-piece Romani brass band from the village of Zece Prăjini. The band began as a loose assemblage of part-time musicians playing at local weddings and baptisms.

In October 1996, the German sound engineer and record producer Henry Ernst visited Zece Prăjini and convinced a number of the musicians there to assemble a touring band.

These musicians decided to name the band Fanfare Ciocărlia.

Fanfare being a French word that has passed into Romanian and is used to designate a brass band; Ciocărlia being the Romanian word for the skylark.

Since their discovery by Ernst, who serves as their manager, they have played more than thousand concerts in more than 50 countries across the globe.

The band won the BBC Radio 3 World Music Award for Europe in 2006.

They are best known for a very fast, high-energy sound, with complex rhythms and high-speed, staccato clarinet, saxophone and trumpet solos, sometimes performed at more than 200 beats per minute.

Kočani Orkestar is a Macedonian Romani brass band from Kočani, Macedonia.

Kočani Orkestar are among the funkiest exponents of the Balkan brass band style which is found across ex-Yugoslavia and is a direct descendent of the music once played by Turkish army bands. Their music is based on Gypsy tunes from various parts of the Balkans and on Turkish rhythms, with a sprinkle of Latin flavour.

Their song "Siki, siki baba" is featured on the soundtrack for the movie Borat: Cultural Learning’s of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan although it has no connection to the Music of Kazakhstan. Together with the Romani singer Esma Redžepova, Naat Veliov has filed a lawsuit for the producers of the movie for an unauthorised use of the song.

Since the soundtrack for the movie of Emir Kusturica “Time of the Gypsies” they toured entire Middle-Europe and from Italy to Finland.

They play this unique rhythm that you hear along Balkan and former Yugoslavia 11/8 signatures, that is only possible to play among many hours of practice.

After the splitting of the group in 1999 you can find them under the name “Original Kočani Orkestar”.

What is that, that is taking you with this kind of music, in my eyes is it the kind of permanent dialog of the musician on stage, the songs are spontaneous improvisations just out of the situation, as I mentioned in a part with James Brown as a main character of auto didactical musicians, they can’t play a song twice in a same way.

So I hope you will enjoy a bit this music.


01. Asfalt tango - Fanfare Ciocărlia
02. Ismail oro - Kočani Orkestar
03. Mariana - Fanfare Ciocărlia
04. Sunet oro - Kočani Orkestar
05. Romski čoček - Dragačevske Trube
06. Romski čoček - Kočani Orkestar
07. Solo tapan - Kočani Orkestar
08. L'Orient est rouge - Kočani Orkestar
09. Ibrahim odja - Kočani Orkestar
10. Izgubljeno jagnje - Dragačevske Trube
11. Burkan čoček - Kočani Orkestar
12. Doise - Kočani Orkestar
13. Čudna žena - Kočani Orkestar
14. Trepaza - Kočani Orkestar
15. Ciganka - Kočani Orkestar
16. Hora arabesca - Fanfare Ciocărlia


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