26 Jul 2011

Ilk denemem by expressyourselve....

Baba Zula is a Turkish musical group, founded in Istanbul in 1996, my first contact with Baba Zula’s music was in a movie from Fatih Akin's, Crossing the Bridge.

Founding members are Levent Akman and Murat Ertel, Coşar Kamçı, who replaced original member Emre Onel in 2005.

Baba Zula added live drawing artist Ceren Oykut into the mix in 2004. She left the band in 2010. Her presence on stage had added an important visual aspect to Baba Zula's live performances.
Akman, Ertel, and Onel originally formed Baba Zula as a side project of now disbanded Anatolian rock group Zen.

Baba Zula creates their own sound called "Oriental Dub", by mixing oriental instruments such as the darbuka, electric saş, and spoons with electronics and modern sounds.

While a ney can represent the past Sufi-Islamic tradition, and a clarinet is the symbol of the music of the Turkish gypsies, an electric saş together with a wooden spoon can serve as a musical compass to Turkish musical roots going as far back as pre-Islamic, shamanic times, through Anatolia reaches all the way up to present-day Istanbul.

The first of two sets is called Ilk denemem or first attempt, I hope you will be able to built some affinity to this kind of music, it takes time, several hearings to came behind how genial this musicians really are.

So take your time and enjoy it….


01. Gün ayden
02. Seks sinemasinin esrari
03. Kisalmalar
04. Nasip dondurmalari
05. Bag talani
06. Ozgur ruh
07. Islak sevdalilar
08. Temptetion instrumental
09. Tek kürek yalova
10. Zaniye oyun havasi
11. Galiba hamileyim
12. Bahar
13. Maduray´da sabah
14. Hopçe
15. O divanin üstündeki baygin baksin
16. Ula havasi
17. Babasiz kizlar balosu
18. Istanbul cocuklari
19. Çecom


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